Shawn Hook-Carleton started out in film production as a sound recordist. Graduating from Trebas Institute for audio engineering in 2005.
In 2009 he began studying video editing and animated graphics and has since been working primarily in post-production. Shawn's background in audio, along with his experience as an editor and graphic designer allow him to take a project from raw footage to completion very quickly.
He has also been playing drums since 2001, and recording live music since 2007, additional skills which have been useful on a number of commercial projects.
 Jake Vincent is a videographer and "one man film crew". He has spent countless hours working to develop his skills as a camera operator, as well as building an extensive collection of equipment including cameras and lenses, jibs, steady cam rigs, sliders, stands, and lights, that allow him to use filming techniques that would otherwise take a truckload of gear and a full crew to achieve. He has worked on a wide variety of projects including music videos, commercial advertising, web promotions, cooking shows, independent films, symposiums, etc.